We wish…

Life Lessons Harry Potter has taught me

  • True love takes time, don’t expect it to happen over night
  • It doesn’t matter where you came from or what you look like
  • Being weird is good
  • Don’t spend time trying to make people like you
  • Friends can help you with anything and everything
  • Not everyone is who you think
  • You are who you are
  • Have something worth living for
  • You can change the future not the past
  • It doesn’t matter the shape or size of a person
  • Not everyone is nice
  • You have to fight for what you want
  • Don’t let others tell you who you should be
  • Sometimes secrets aren’t for the best
  • Magic is real if you believe in it

Om Söndagsbarn

Art. Photo. Drama. Music. Knitting. Sewing. Harry Potter. Star Wars. Friends. Fashion. Love. Thats me.
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